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    Adam is the founder of BEEDOCS, an artisan software company that makes great timeline software for Mac OS X.

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Beauty is Skin Deep - Web Looks

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Our upcoming web timelines are decidedly simple in layout and navigation. They are designed from the ground up to function in a small space such as an iPhone screen or embedded in an article.

They are also designed to be intuitive to your audience who perhaps has never encountered an interactive timeline on the web before. For example, all the events can be accessed without zooming or scrolling.

However, simple doesn't mean that they can't be beautiful as well.

We were very fortunate to work with Mani Sheriar, from the Bay Area, who designed some beautiful looks that can be applied to your interactive web timelines. Here is a sneak peek of one we call "Vintage Shop - Sepia."

Screenshots showing an interactive timeline created with Timeline 3D

Simple and beautiful.

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