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Pricing — Timeline 3D for OS X Yosemite

Thursday, October 16, 2014

When I announced the new versions of Timeline 3D, I received a lot of feedback about pricing. Thank you to everyone who sent a thoughtful reply. I enjoyed interacting with you and if helped refine my thinking.

I described the new pricing model as “freemium” and described an option to pay a small fee per export. Even though I also described an option to pay one price to unlock everything, the “freemium” description caused a bit of panic.

My goals remain the same:

  • Allow anyone to try the software for free
  • Allow most customers to unlock the complete set of features for a reasonable price.
  • Give less expensive options to people who only want to use Timeline 3D for one particular project (like a school project).

So, here is my latest plan…

Included for free:

  • Creating timeline
  • Editing timeline
  • Saving and Syncing
  • Presenting 3D timelines on your Mac or with AirPlay

Unlocking the exporting and rendering features require a purchase. The purchases will be handled as an in-app purchase. These are non-consumable purchases which means that unlocking a feature on one of my Macs will allow you to unlock the feature on all your Macs that are using the same Apple ID or family sharing.

Timeline 3D for iOS will contain a separate but similar pricing arrangement. If you've already purchased Timeline 3D for iOS, you will not need to pay again.

Here is the pricing sheet for the Timeline 3D for OS X Yosemite launch. The prices are subject to change in the future.

I know that education and enterprise customers are interested in a paid up-front version so that they can purchase and install Timeline 3D in bulk. I am working on a solution to that as well.

Hopefully the new pricing arrangement seems clear and fair. If you have questions or feedback, please send me an e-mail at support@beedocs.com.

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