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The reviews are in!

Monday, December 03, 2012

I spent about 2 years of full-time development work bringing Timeline 3D for iOS. As a developer, it is so exciting and nerve-wracking to arrive at the point that I can share the app with customers and wait for the first reviews to roll in.

Well, the first reviews are in and they have been very enthusiastic. If you haven’t yet purchased Timeline 3D for iOS, I hope that you will do so and will consider leaving your own review on the App Store.

Thanks everyone!

5 / 5 stars – Average App Store Rating

“It is like magic and makes me look brilliant” – David Sparks, MacSparky

“I was able to assemble a timeline for a colleague in a matter of minutes which put his professionally-produced timeline to shame.” – USA App Store Review

“This app has helped me clarify and communicate crucial evidence. It’s a God send for me.” – USA App Store Review

“A must have for trainers, teachers, speakers and lectures” – USA App Store Review

« C’est très propre, esthétique et élégant » – France App Store Review

“The iOS version takes the process of creating and presenting timelines to a new level” – UK App Store Review

„Das ist ja eine klasse Umsetzung.” – Germany App Store Review

“Timeline 3D on iOS that makes it even easier to create and present timelines” – UK App Store Review

“The time taken to bring this app to users is in evidence here; the ‘polish’ and precision show.” – USA App Store Review

“Today’s Best Apps” selection – AppAdvice

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Blogger Julia MaxeyDecember 04, 2012 7:15 AM

I am thrilled that this app is finally available, and I love it's elegance and simplicity.

I am having a problem, though. When I have a short video in a timeline and present it through a projector, I am unable to leave the video. If I stop it, I cannot return to the timeline.

When I am not projecting, I can control the video and timeline perfectly through my iPad.

Any helpful ideas would be appreciated.

Blogger Adam BehringerDecember 04, 2012 9:29 AM

Julie, we would be happy to help you if you e-mail us at support@beedocs.com. We will need to know how you are connecting the iPad to the projector. For example: Apple TV, HDMI cable, Mac with AirPlay software... We look forward to helping you!

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