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Bee Documents to Bee Docs

Friday, August 01, 2008

As part of our branding refresh, I am renaming the company from "Bee Documents" to "Bee Docs"

When I founded the company, I had the idea of referring to the company as "Bee Documents" and using the short version for the products. For example, Bee Docs' Timeline, Bee Docs' Discover, and Bee Docs' Number Stamper. Back in 2002, the company was focussed on document management products and services, thus the "Documents" in Bee Documents.

For the past two years, the number of Google searches for Bee Docs has been twice the number of searches for Bee Documents which tells me that Bee Docs is sticking better in people's minds. It is nice and short for typing and has less connection with document management, which is an field we no longer service. Besides, "Bee Docs" is fun to say don't you think?

I'm currently converting our e-mail addressed from beedocuments.com to beedocs.com and will soon begin to convert the website. Hopefully you won't notice any interruptions during the transition, but let me know if you do. All of the old addresses should redirect and forward, so no need to worry about it unless you want your Address Book to be cutting edge with the latest name.

I can't wait to unveil the new logo, those who have seen the drafts have been very enthusiastic about it. Stay tuned! I hope to have the final version from the designers in the next couple weeks and will post it here first.

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