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    Adam is the founder of BEEDOCS, an artisan software company that makes great timeline software for Mac OS X.

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Podcast of the Bee Docs' Blog

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've been having fun over the past few weeks checking out some of the technology and small business podcasts that are out there. For those of you who haven't heard of podcasting, you will! It is basically subscription radio where your favorite audio content can be automatically downloaded to your computer or portable music player for listening at your leasure.

I have decided to give podcasting a go myself, and will create an audio version of this blog for a little while and see how it is received. A lot of the podcasts out there are improvised radio shows or interviews, but I am simply going to read my blog each day with some background music.

Why? Because some people may prefer to listen to the blog while there are in their car or on the Stairmaster rather than reading it at there desk. It's that simple, I just want to make it easy for you to get my content. If you have podcast software, simply point it at our RSS feed and everything should work. If you don't have podcast software, you can just click on the title of the blog if you want to hear the audio version.

I will try to go back and record podcasts for all my previous blog entries as well as keeping up to date with the new ones. Please send me feedback on whether or not the audio blog is a useful addition for you.


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