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Introducing Larry Staton Jr.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I was speaking to a Martin King, founder of Exbiblio, about the desire to expand Bee Documents and bring on some more people. We were chatting about who the next person should be... a programmer? an assistant? customer relations? a web expert? a graphic designer?

His insightful answer was that a competitive advantage of Bee Documents so far is that I have been doing all of these tasks myself and thus can bring perspective from one discipline to another. For example, the feature design and prioritization is directly related to the customer service conversations I have on a daily basis. He suggested hiring more generalists who can do a bit of everything alongside me instead of hiring to take certain focussed tasks off my plate.

With that in mind. I'd like to introduce Larry Staton Jr. who is helping me on a part time basis from his home office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Larry has been a long time customer of Bee Docs Timeline, signing up for the very first beta mailing list back in December 2004 when he was a law student. He was also part of the "T2 Customer Design Panel."

In 2005 we collaborated to design and build a custom web application for a law firm in Florida. Larry is now a full fledged intellectual property lawyer and runs a blog called Scripting for Lawyers. He is also a Web / AJAX developer and knows some Cocoa programming too.

Larry has been helping me update the beedocuments.com site as well as prototyping some web-based timeline interface ideas. Also, I have asked Larry to help field customer service e-mails, so some of you may get to hear from him over the coming weeks. As a long time customer of Bee Docs' Timeline, Larry should be able to share some good tips and tricks especially concerning the integration of Timeline with other applications using Applescript.

Everyone give Larry Staton Jr a warm welcome!

Larry Staton Jr and Family

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Blogger UnknownJune 04, 2008 8:34 AM

Welcome Larry!

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