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Hand-Made Calling Cards

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For a while, I have wanted "business cards" that are more casual than business cards. It seems that most of the people that I want to give cards to are folks that are a friend-of-a-friend folks that I meet in coffee shops, or family, or people I happen to line up next to at conferences.

These people don't care about my job title or my fax number! Nor do very many people in my corner of the world correspond via snail mail. What I want is a card that expresses something about the way I approach life, reminds folks of my name, and sends them to my blog if they want to find out more about me or my company. More "calling card" than "business card."

On a few separate occasions over the past weeks, colleages have said that I take an artisan approach to business. I like this and have been embracing my inner artisan, looking for ways to be non-corporate while focusing on quality and detail.

Stamped Calling Card Test

For the cards, I have decided to try rubber stamping them. I love the look of hand screen-printed posters and letterpress cards. I thought I might be able to get a similar look at a cheaper price using stamps.

I started by designing a layout in Apple's Keynote (my favorite quick-layout tool) and then refined the design in Adobe Illustrator. I wanted a design that could be different for every card, so it has two pieces, the bee from my logo and a block with my name and blog address.

I ordered rubber stamp versions of the design elements from Simon's Stamps. You can upload a high-resolution black and white image to their site and they'll send you a stamp in a few days. Pretty cool, and inexpensive too. The two stamps cost under $30 including shipping.

Currently I am working out the paper and color options. I bought a bunch of different single sheets from a neighborhood craft store as well as a few different colors of stamp pads. I haven't found the perfect combo yet, but I am getting close. Some of the papers that I like don't work well with the ink, the yellow is too light and the blue was a syrupy texture that didn't show enough detail to easily read the URL. Based on my experiments, I am going to go back to the store this evening and buy another round of supplies.

I'll post updates as I move toward the ultimate calling card!

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Blogger okjediMarch 13, 2007 9:56 PM

Hey Adam!
I stumbled onto your blog & will be purchasing the timeline software.

I've been thinking about doing this very thing and then BAM! I see this and it has inspired me to get the stamps ordered.

I love paper and we use a lot of interesting kinds of paper in my line of work. You should check out www.mrfrench.com and have 'em send you their sample kits. We use Clampitt (clampitt.com) for most of our paper needs. They are super and have an incredible creative center in Dallas, TX.

Good luck on the stamping. I'm going to try it too.


Blogger Adam BehringerMarch 14, 2007 8:13 AM


Cool! Maybe we can start a trend. I would love to see the cards you come up with. Maybe you can send me one or post a link to a photo in the comments here.

Blogger UnknownMay 17, 2007 7:38 AM

I'm glad you like your stamps!

Simon Peter Alciere
Simon's Stamps

Blogger BronwenMay 27, 2007 11:01 AM

Adam, I've been looking for calling cards and just found your blog. Great idea... Am going to try the same thing. Will check back for your update and send you mine when I get there. Thanks for the idea* Bronwen (lulupatina.blogspot.com)

Anonymous Richard D ParkerJanuary 23, 2010 3:38 PM

I admire your creativity. I live in Dallas and use OK paper. They are great folks and have several locations throughout the metroplex. Thanks

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