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Release v2.3

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just posted the v2.3 update to Bee Docs Timeline (both the Standard and 3D Editions). You can use the “Check for Updates” feature in the software to install it or download Bee Docs Timeline if you haven’t yet.

This release contains some important bug fixes for our international customers. Notably PDF export is now working properly in the German localization and “BC” dates are working properly in all of the international formats.

Also, the minus sign can now be used to indicate a BC date when eras are being used in any global date format. For example, a French customer may prefer to type “-50” instead of “50 av. J.-C.” (or 50 B.C.E.)

For the 3D Edition, this release adds a new feature to Export menu. You can now export still image sequences in a variety of formats. These are similar to the event images used in the Keynote export, but now you can save them directly to disk. One image will be created for each event with a 3D perspective.

Image sequences will be helpful for people who want bitmap images of their events to use with Powerpoint, Photoshop, etc... You could also save out a high resolution image sequence and order some of the images as prints from iPhoto or your favorite photo processor.

Last, but not least, I have improved the line quality for 3D exports. Carefully compare the following two examples to see the difference. This change affects all of the smaller video and 3D image exports (iPod, iPhone, HD 480p, etc...)

Detail of export from Bee Docs Timeline 3D v2.2.2:
Export of 3D Timeline in v2.2.2

Detail of export from Bee Docs Timeline 3D v2.3 (note better line quality):
Export of 3D Timeline in v2.3

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Blogger UnknownJanuary 23, 2009 12:27 PM

Wonderfull ; hudge
Xtreme quality of the pictures ;
You know that I am a french maths teacher in an high school in France ;
I am going to use a file made with Timeline ED next Saturday to present my lessons for the parents : imagine an HD 1080p H264.mov on the wall of my classroom !! (172Mo)
from 10H till 17H .
Thank you very much
Happy New Year 2009

How can I add music to the document ?

Now we can add pictures!
When can I add music

Blogger Adam BehringerJanuary 23, 2009 12:32 PM

skyeyes44 -

Thank you for your comment. Several customers have using iMovie to add a soundtrack to their timeline movie. This works quite nicely.


Anonymous AnonymousJanuary 27, 2009 2:41 PM

Sorry about the offtopic, but I'd like to point out that, the limitation to 1.000.000 BC in the past, is shutting this program's doors to many other areas other than History. I know that Timeline is human History-oriented, but if you could go past that (I think aleatory) limit, the program could be used by many other sciences and have endless applications.

For instance, a biologist could make a timeline illustrating the landmarks of life's evolution on Earth, right from the first RNA molecule to the present day. A geologist could go further and make a wonderful and useful depiction of the continental drift, or begin with the formation of this planet in the early times of the solar system. Heck, even an astronomy teacher could want to begin a timeline with the Big-Bang and use it in a presentation at his class. Wouldn't it be amazing?.

So, why limit the possibilities of the program?, maybe I'm wrong, or it's a difficult to implement feature, but, in my opinion, if you gave the user freedom to insert any date in a timeline, the functionality of the program (and BTW, THE NUMBER OF POTENTIAL BUYERS) would increase dramatically.

Obviously, I think that this program is great and that is why I'm writing this suggestion.

Anyway, thanks for developing Timeline. And sorry for my poor english and this long, loooong, post. ;)

Blogger XXXFebruary 01, 2009 12:48 PM


I am a student and I've been using your app for several hours making a timeline about painters for school. The matter is that my timeline is too wide ! I got some 13 pages ! I think it could be reduced to 2 pages only if there were more option!

A made another timeline about World War II and it was the same matter ... 5 pages !

So, it's been waste time for me to use your program so far because I can't give to my teacher that 13-page timeline so I need to manage to make another one using Pages now, it won't be easy !

I think you should force the program to put everything in a smaller room... Even if lines between the timeline and the event is not straight it's not a problem, or let the customer choose what does he want : straight line or broken lines between the timeline and the event ? If he chooses broken lines it will be easy to organise your events around the timeline with very little space !

You know, it depends on the work you have to make but you don't need a lot of precision to locate your event on the timeline...
Because it goes one year after another but you should let us choose the scale we need : decades, centuries... It would also reduce the width !
I promess it's too wide...

There is also this thing :
When i made my timeline about painters, I had very full timespan (for an exemple : 18th century) and very empty ones (16th century)... You should allow the customer to delete some useless timespan to avoid empty spaces !!! When you delete a timespan, a mark would warn the reader that the timescale has been broken. It would also reduce the space !

I don't know if my english was enough perfect to explain you how your program would become useful, but this is my first impression about it. Time is something very hard to control, but so far you've made a very good job. I think those improvements are very needed, i hope to see them on a next release ;-)

One last thing : here in belgium it is compulsery to make your timeline a arrow like this --------> instead of a simple line like this -------------- you should let the customer chose if he wants to make his timeline a simple line or an arrow !

I hope to get some answers,

See you from Belgium

Anonymous AnonymousFebruary 03, 2009 9:30 AM

I really love the look of this software, but I am wondering if it can export to a web page. Is it possible to create a timeline and then convert it to a format that is able to be embedded on a HTML web site?

Anonymous AnonymousFebruary 12, 2009 11:27 AM

I would like to use bee docs with OS X 10.4.11, but it dont works. Had a free version at Mac Life and your trial; makes no difference.

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