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    Adam is the founder of BEEDOCS, an artisan software company that makes great timeline software for Mac OS X.

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Release v2.3

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just posted the v2.3 update to Bee Docs Timeline (both the Standard and 3D Editions). You can use the “Check for Updates” feature in the software to install it or download Bee Docs Timeline if you haven’t yet.

This release contains some important bug fixes for our international customers. Notably PDF export is now working properly in the German localization and “BC” dates are working properly in all of the international formats.

Also, the minus sign can now be used to indicate a BC date when eras are being used in any global date format. For example, a French customer may prefer to type “-50” instead of “50 av. J.-C.” (or 50 B.C.E.)

For the 3D Edition, this release adds a new feature to Export menu. You can now export still image sequences in a variety of formats. These are similar to the event images used in the Keynote export, but now you can save them directly to disk. One image will be created for each event with a 3D perspective.

Image sequences will be helpful for people who want bitmap images of their events to use with Powerpoint, Photoshop, etc... You could also save out a high resolution image sequence and order some of the images as prints from iPhoto or your favorite photo processor.

Last, but not least, I have improved the line quality for 3D exports. Carefully compare the following two examples to see the difference. This change affects all of the smaller video and 3D image exports (iPod, iPhone, HD 480p, etc...)

Detail of export from Bee Docs Timeline 3D v2.2.2:
Export of 3D Timeline in v2.2.2

Detail of export from Bee Docs Timeline 3D v2.3 (note better line quality):
Export of 3D Timeline in v2.3

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Macworld Wrap-up

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Macworld Booth

Well, I completed my first Macworld Expo. It took about 3 months of full time work plus the help of many others to get ready.

Special thanks to Ben and Stephanie from Turnstyle for help putting the booth together. PJ from Prolabro for printing a very challenging shirt design.

I learning a thing or two about how to sell my software from Lee and Amy who provided much more than backup at the booth. Thanks for taking time off your regular jobs to help out.

Blogs, podcasts, twitter, mailing lists and forums across the internet were abuzz with news of our sale. I just put out a press release and a few e-mails. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word. People like you make it possible for people like me to make a career out of independent Mac software.

Thank you for everyone who stopped by the booth too. I enjoyed getting to meet all you.

Once I get caught up on my e-mail, I look forward to starting the next chapter for Bee Docs Timeline. That is what this moment feels like to me. 2008 was an amazing year for Bee Docs. I hope I can surprise and delight you in 2009. Stay tuned!

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Lowest Price Ever - Macworld Sale

Monday, January 05, 2009

In celebration of Macworld Expo 2009, I am pleased to announce the “lowest price ever” sale for our flagship product, Bee Docs timeline 3D. From January 5, 2009 through January 11, 2009 single computer licenses are available at the special sale price of $30 (USD).

This sale represents the lowest price that Bee Docs timeline 3D has ever been offered and is more than half off the normal retail price. Customers can purchase a discount license online or at Macworld Booth #3526-F in the “Digital Media & Multimedia” Pavilion.

Please help me spread the word about the sale. I hope to see many of you at Macworld Expo!

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