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    Adam is the founder of BEEDOCS, an artisan software company that makes great timeline software for Mac OS X.

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Snooker Timelines on the BBC

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BBC Snooker Timeline

If you are a fan of snooker, you may have noticed the 3D timelines used by the BBC recently during their snooker coverage. In case you missed it on television, you can see a couple of them here on the BBC website.

Broadcast Editor Peter Wiggins produced a series of twenty timeline motion graphics for the BBC using Bee Docs Timeline 3D. They look great and Peter provided us with lots of great feedback that will allow us to make Bee Docs Timeline even better for broadcast television in the future.

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Pink Bee Tees

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pink Bee Tee

This is the new "Pink Bee Tee" available in very limited quantities from the Bee Docs Etsy Shop.

My latest hobby has been experimenting with unique ways to hand print t-shirts. The Pink Bee shirt starts with a black Edun-Live shirt, grown and sewn in Africa. Check out this video to learn the great story behind how these shirts are made.

Next, I had a large rubber stamp custom made with our new bee logo. I used the stamp to print color remover on the shirt which, like bleach, removes the black color from the areas it is stamped. On the sleeve, I used a small silk screen to apply the color remover to spell "BEEDOCS".

Finally, I garment dyed the entire shirt pink to stain the bleached out areas pink. The result is a cool distressed vintage look where each shirt is unique. They are also very soft since they are made with dye instead of printed ink. I only made 9 of these shirts and they are only in women's sizes so get 'em while you can.

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