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T2: Full Screen View

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Full screen icon for T2

T2 will allow a full screen view of your timeline in screen optimized mode, bulk edit mode, and print preview mode. This will allow you to give full screen presentations or use the maximum screen area for editing timelines.

Because timeline events are now editing "in place" instead of being edited in a panel, you can also make adjustments to your timelines in full screen view.

By the way, this toolbar icon and all of our custom icons are being designed by Kenichi Yoshida who has been doing great work, don't you think? He has made high resolution versions of all the icons so that T2 will be ready for resolution independence someday in the future.

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Anonymous AnonymousOctober 31, 2007 6:10 PM

Do you have a release date for T2. It look very interesting.

Blogger mrfearless47November 13, 2007 9:44 AM


I just spent a full day creating two very long timelines in the current version of Timeline. While I realize you're pretty far along in your T2 development, I have a couple of suggestion that would make the program far easier to use and to control:

1) easier control of global options. In particular, I'd like to be able to change the text color of the events at any point during the process. There is no global way to do this unless I've missed something pretty obvious. I have to shift-click on a series of entries to change their color. There has to be a one-click way to do this globally, or locally (radio button (global, local).

2) If you are saving a pdf copy of the timeline, you learn quickly that you can't be on any entry when you close; otherwise, the pdf copy will have a selected (and highlighted) entry saved along with it.

3) My biggest complaint is lack of output control. When a timeline spans more than one page, there ought to be a way to control the margins on the printer so that the edges of the text aren't cut off and so the pages can be seamlessly pasted together as printed output. As it stands now, about 0.5" of text is cut off the end of the left sheet and about 0.25" off the right. There is no easy way to resolve this and I ended up having to place text in by hand to fill in the gaps.

4) Apropos of the text control, there also ought to be a way to manually control where the page breaks occur. This way, one could minimize text loss and loss of continuity at the margins.

5) There ought to be a way to create a symbolic timeline - a timeline completely without dates so that, for example, one could use the software to create a plot outline that has no actual dates - one simply wants to sequence a series of events taking place in a book where the timeline is not specified. You can sort-of do this by leaving out the dates on the events themselves, but in order to get a print out, you have to arbitrarily come up with some way (fake dates) to sequence them on a timeline. I found that using Excel to create a series of dates served the purpose, the dates were totally bogus. So a symbolic timeline would be a useful feature.

That's all my comments for now, but all were generated from a full day's work with the software.

Blogger Adam BehringerNovember 13, 2007 3:14 PM

Mr Fearless,

These kind of suggestions are best to send to me directly (Adam at Bee Documents dot com).

However, I'll try to answer them briefly here...

1) Select All (Command-A) is a quick and easy way to apply a change globally. T2 will also do a better job with drag select, shift-select, and those types of things.

2) In T2 selection markers are no longer exported.

3) Yes, this is a challenge. I have some ideas that I am working on for T2, but it is unlikely that I will be able to implement them by the launch. This is something I hope to improve over the coming months.

4) That would be nice. Good suggestion

5) Good suggestion.

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