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Seal's Blog - Previews of New Music

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Seal album cover

Some of you will know that Seal is among my favorite musicians. Back in the mid-90's I used to collect all the imports and singles that I could find (no fair that they are so easy to get on iTunes now). I also would contribute photos and tidbits to the Future Love Paradise fan site when I could. Seal was actually the first concert that I camped out for tickets for (back in '94)

Anyway, fast forward to 2007. Besides a baby and supermodel wife, Seal has a great blog which he has been using to answer fan questions, show of photos from his life, and even preview new songs that he is writing!

I believe the days of creating in a secret lab, whether it be art, software, music, or novels are coming to an end. The future is creating in the open, letting your audience participate in the process. Thanks Seal for leading the way for the music industry!

It makes you wonder about these tech companies that make you sign an NDA before even telling what their product is... There is a (probably remote) possibility that someone is going to rip off all your ideas and get to market before you, but perhaps it would help customers spot and avoid the rip-off if the creative process was more transparent in the first place.

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