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Free Download on iTunes

Friday, March 09, 2007

Free downloads at iTunes Store

Testing 1, 2, 3... Is this thing on? (sqqquueeeeel)

Oh, I guess so! OK, this post goes out to all my friends who read this blog.

iTunes has been putting some pretty great music on-line for free over the past couple months and I want to make sure that no friend of mine is missing out on free goodness.

You may say, "well I tried downloading the Single of the Week once, but it was a hip-hop track I didn't like." My tip to you is that the Single of the Week is only one third of the free music available each week, and often it isn't the best third.

Besides the Single of Week, iTunes also has a Discover Download track and iTunes Latino track for free each week. Both of these tracks are particularly good this week and a high percentage of them have been keepers recently. There have been classical, pop, singer-songwriter, dance songs... All kinds of great stuff.

The easy way to find all the free songs is to scroll near the bottom of the iTunes music store home page and find the "FREE ON iTunes" box. The free music tracks are usually the first 3 in the list, followed by some TV episodes and misc other stuff that I don't care about, but you might. The new free songs are posted every Tuesday, so put a reminder in your calendar to visit the iTunes store each week and grab the new songs, OK?

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Anonymous GetFreeiTunesOctober 03, 2009 12:21 AM

Free itunes of the week is really a great addition to the iTunes store. Higher bit rate? DRM-free? Not bad. So, now it's a case of MP3 vs. AAC and pricing.

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