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Best Month Ever!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm pleased to announce that January 2007 was our all time best sales month for Bee Docs' Timeline. The record was previously held by our launch month back in March 2005! The number of licenses sold surpassed our launch month by a large margin. I'm not sure why... we didn't launch any new ad campaigns or anything, but the timing is great.

Thanks to everyone who either bought a copy or told someone about Timeline!

In other news, I have been plugging away at the code for T2, the second major version of Bee Docs' Timeline. I had been doing design and prototype work for the last several months of 2006, and on January 1st, I began working on the T2 project itself (this is a "from scratch" rewrite).

There is still much work to be done, but basic event drawing and editing, parallel event rows, collision detection, notes, drag and drop event images, and Timeline 1.0 document support are complete. I should be able to release a beta to existing customers around the time that Apple ships Leopard (T2 will be for Leopard only).

I've also been brainstorming and thinking about what is next after T2. I contacted the lead engineer on the Simile Timeline project who was supportive about having us integrate their AJAX timeline charts into Bee Documents' products, so who knows what the future will bring... Something for web perhaps???

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