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My Sidekick 3

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Sidekick Here is a photo of my new Sidekick. I bought it so that I could stay connected to AIM and e-mail on my bus commute. Also, my Newsgator account works great on the Sidekick which allows me to catch up on my blog reading while staying in sync with my home and work computer which are running NetNewsWire.

It will also be great for my trip to San Francisco next month. Checking e-mail on my Sidekick in the airport lounge sounds so much better than running around with my laptop trying to find a hotspot for a reasonable price.

I did hours of research comparing this device to the Blackberry 8700. I'm glad I bought the Sidekick even though the Blackberry beats it in many specs. The Sidekick is definitely designed to be used and is more than the sum of it's parts. The keypad is usable and I love how easy it is to multitask between e-mail, web, phone, and instant message. The screen is great in many light conditions, and it's fun to have the keys light up when the bus goes through a tunnel.

Also, being able to organize the contacts, calendar, e-mails, photos, and to-do items from the web and have them instantly synced with the Sidekick is a feature that would be hard to live without.

The down side so far is the buggy third party software for syncing with the Mac and the T-Mobile customer service. Both are workable but could be a lot better.

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Blogger UnknownMay 09, 2007 3:13 PM

I am on the same page with the Sidekick 3. It is far superior withthe emailing categories and the sync w/Tmobile is amazing. How did you get the software to sync it with your Mac (I am also a Mac user)? I tried getting it from Markspace but they said they don't sell the software anymore. Any ideas?

Blogger UnknownAugust 01, 2007 4:43 PM

I know this is, gosh, a year late, but I just switched to mac, and am now desperately seeking a way to sync my sk3 with my mac. Anyone have any success?

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