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Exploring Nelson, New Zealand

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Here are a couple pictures from my first day in Nelson, New Zealand. There are many parks in Nelson, thick with twisty trees, flowers, and loudly chirping crickets.

The photo on the left is a view of the 150 year old mansion that I am staying at. It was taken from the path that I walk on to get to downtown Nelson.

The other photo is from Queen's Garden which is a bit further down the trail. The river is much wider by the time it runs through the Garden park it totally looks like the river boat ride from Disney land. I keep looking for killer hippos but I haven't seen any yet! Speaking of wildlife, there are pictures of Kiwi birds everywhere you go in New Zealand but I haven't seen the real deal yet. Do they run around wild in this part of NZ? Does anyone know if I'm likely to run across one?


Blogger johnJune 18, 2006 1:31 AM

Kiwis are nocturnal and have not been seen by most New Zealanders. On Stewart Island they come down to the seashore at night to eat insects in the kelp (seaweed)

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