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    Adam is the founder of BEEDOCS, an artisan software company that makes great timeline software for Mac OS X.

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Exbiblio White Paper Posted

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Exbiblio (the document technology that I have been doing a lot work with) has, until recently, kept most of it's work on the low-down down-low. Top secret. Shh.

We have decided to show the world what we are working on so we posted a white paper that describes what we are doing in a bit more detail here (see the white-paper link near the bottom of the page).

We plan on releasing more detail at the rate of about one white-paper per week on the Exbiblio site. Eventually we will set up some discussion forums so that you can give feedback on the technology. If you are interested in futuristic document technologies, stay tuned...

Help Wanted: C# and Objective-C Programmer

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New projects are springing up and things are getting busy around here. Time to add some new brains to the pool.

I just posted some jobs to the O'Reilly Connection web site and will post most in the coming weeks. Specifically, I'd like someone to help me port Bee Docs' Timeline to Windows. It's half done already. The user interface, drawing code, undo, document class, etc is pretty much complete. What remains is the automatic layout logic for timeline events.

You may qualify if you regularly use C# / .NET and Objective-C / Cocoa. I want someone who is an independent worker and can just send in their work at the end of each day without too much help. No need to be in Western Washington as long as you can iChat. The code is all there in Objective-C, so the job is mostly porting the classes, method by method to C#.

If you are interested in helping, send me a resume via e-mail. Please send me samples of your work too (or links to software you've coded).

Secondly, if you are a experienced web master with experience running large dynamic sites (with forums, etc...), I'd also like to hear from you.

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