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Where in the World? - Timeline Purchases

Friday, July 08, 2005

This week, I mapped out all the purchases of Bee Docs Timeline over the past two months. It is really interesting to see the distribution of users all over the world!

I am located in Washington State in the USA, but there is certainly no concentration of users in this area (the purchase from Washington was my own). It appears that as far as developing and selling software, it doesn’t really matter where I am as long as I have my computer and an internet connection. This is exciting, as I have a dream of being able to live in different countries for a few months at a time to experience life from new angles. It seems like the business that I have created may allow me to do that. I can also have employees that are anywhere in the world too. Of course, there are probably complex legal ramifications to running a multi-national corporation, but it is an interesting possibility to think about.

It is also interesting (especially in light of the Live 8 concerts) to notice that there are entire continents where not one person has bought my software. Language has something to do with this as Timeline is only available in English for now, but economics and access to technology must be a big factor too.

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